Blue Ridge Advertising & Marketing serves clients in multiple industries, and incorporates our services within those markets to create a successful marketing and promotion mix specific to them. We offer our current marketing and consulting services, but we are also driven to work with clients on new methods to best serve their business! We feel that our practices are extremely successful, but we are never satisfied and are always trying to expand our knowledge and spectrum to maximize the success of our clients. If you do not see a solution below that you are looking to implement in your business, please contact us to request a quote for the service!​​​​​​​
Online Integration & Management:
Website Design & Management
Our team specializes in making your business fit the part by establishing a quality website to fit your business and the industry you serve. Focusing on Wordpress and being a member of SquareSpace Circle, our team has the tools to provide your business with all of the necessities a quality website is made up of. From informational to e-commerce, no site or product line is too complicated for our talented web design team. Trying to integrate your business on a custom web host platform and unsure of how do successfully do so? A member of our design team will sit-down with you and discuss options and integrations available to make your business work flawlessly with the desired platform. We also offer custom website hosting options if you are looking to transition from another host or upgrade your current services!
Google G-Suite Integration
Google offers an incredible powerful platform that all businesses of any size should take advantage of. Seeing more than 5.6 million searches per day, having your business listed on Google Business and being fully integrated allows the opportunity to access that audience. Our team works with you to ensure your business is accurately represented on Google, and depending on your industry, serve as a digital storefront. Have are larger organization and looking to utilize Google’s full suite of business tools? No problem! We have you covered and serve as your connection between you and the Google team with any questions or integration issues you may have.
Social Media Marketing & Moderation
Social media strategy is an element of marketing and digital presence that companies and advertisers today can struggle with. Ensuring that you are producing content aligned with the goals of the company and even developing the proper campaign is how Blue Ridge differentiates itself from the crowd. Taking the reigns of strategy development, content curation and content management is what our team specializes in. Working side-by-side with the company to ensure all content accurately represents the business and purpose, that it is posted timely and the follow-up from the target audience is where we show results to the company that we work with.
Graphic Design Services
Prominent in our website design packages, our graphic design services are beneficial to enhance any digital presence that your business may have. Our experienced graphics design team can produce high-quality deliverables for any application in any file format that may be desired. Specializing in logo design, digital file modification, and digital file design, our team is sure to provide you with a graphic that meets your needs and represents your company perfectly. If you are interested in our graphic design work outside of our website services, please let us know by  reaching out on our contact page! If you are interested in viewing some of the work that our team has produced, feel free to view the gallery below.
Advertising & Promotional Content Creation
At Blue Ridge, we don’t just focus on the digital media aspect and we realize the importance of traditional media that other agencies may not. Flyers, brochures, business cards, newspapers and billboards are all something that our team will work tirelessly to integrate into your regular marketing activities. Taking data gathered on your business’ target audience, we will put together an in-depth plan of attack to make sure that your business is projected to as many members of your audience in as effective a way as possible. Digital media is not the only avenue, print media still plays a major role!
1-Day Website Design & Development:
General Overview:
Sometimes companies are in need of a website right away for certain events, promotions, or product launches that are going on in their market. We realize the need for those companies and our team is proud to be able to offer such a service to those who are in need of it. Logistics is a major part of building a website from start to finish in one day, but we specialize in communicating with the company to ensure their site includes all of the functionality, details, and necessities that they are looking for in their website. Please contact us if you are interested in having your site designed in one day and experience for yourself the quality that Blue Ridge Advertising & Marketing produces for our clients.
Custom Consulting Solutions:
Customer Service Optimization
CRM Moderation and Management
Assets & Account Management
Business & Brand Development

If you are interested in learning more about how Blue Ridge can integrate custom solutions for your business, please reach out to us by submitting a request on our contact page below!
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